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Outdoor Activities

One of the unique aspects of Heritage Oak Winery is that our customers are always invited to enjoy this beautiful piece of land we live on. To make this possible we have developed a hiking trail down to a secluded beach along the Mokelumne River where you can enjoy a quiet picnic or take your dog for a romp in the river.  Birders also find the property to be a source of fascination, as several hundred species can be found on the property throughout the year. There are also opportunities for kayaking and camping on the property.


Heritage Oak is a popular spot for enjoying a meal outdoors because there are several locations to choose from. For food, our guests are invited to either bring their own food or purchase the food provided in one of our picnic bags. Inside each of our bags is a light meal for two, including a salami, a small block of cheese (3 to 4 oz.), a package of crackers, two apples and two bottles of water. The bag also comes equipped with a table cloth, two napkins, two wine glasses, a cork screw, a paring knife and a cutting board. The bags may be reserved in advance or simply picked up at the tasting room, if available. The price, $20, covers the cost of the food and use of the bag (please return gear and backpack when done). Wine is sold separately.

Patio SunsetFront Patio:  One of the most popular is the front patio, which is located just outside the front door of the tasting room.  It is almost completely covered in shade all summer long, with full views of vineyards all around.  This location can easily accommodate 50 people. One of the most amazing things about this location is the hummingbirds that frequent it and the surrounding garden. Seven feeding stations located there, from April until November, attract hundreds of these amazing birds each day.  During the month of July, the birds empty, three or four of the 30 ounce feeders PER DAY!

Under the Fig Tree: A second picnic spot, popular during hot days in the summer because of the dense shade, is behind the winery beneath a huge fig tree.  There you’ll find a number of wood picnic tables with room to allow thirty or more people to find a place at the table.

At the Beach: Our private beach is an easy 15 minute walk from the tasting room, passing between vineyards, traversing a 20 acre riperian woodland before paralleling the Mokelumne River and ending at a wide meadow and picnic area with a few picnic tables adjacent to the water.  This is a favorite walk for many: families, dogs, children, or a lovely picnic date!


Click here to download the River Trail map (PDF)

Hiking Our Trail

Vineyard View 2
The trail starts at the winery. Park your car beneath the giant blue oak, then visit the tasting room to let us know you will be going for a walk.  We have a brief sign-in procedure to keep track of visitors who access the property, asking for name, address, contact info, etc. (Please note this is not used for marketing purposes.)  If you have not visited the property before and are unfamiliar with it, please be sure you get a copy of our map.  Please Note:  It is very important that you stay on Heritage Oak property and not mistakenly wander onto the neighbors’.  While we are inviting visitors to explore, they are not. Access to our trail is also only available during business hours, asking guests to be back by closing of the winery (5pm).

From the parking lot, follow the sign that leads you southward down a dirt path between the vineyards. On your right are Chardonnay vines, on your left are Petite Sirah.  As you approach the trees, notice the small white sign indicating the Trail.  Keep an eye out for additional signs like this one as you go along and you should have no problems.



Heritage Oak is a popular spot for birding.  Apart from the numerous species that are attracted to the front patio and its adjacent garden, the vineyards, the riparian woodland and the river provide habitat for hundreds of species.  Monthly biding events, called Bird Walks, are held under the guidance of David Yee.  Check our calendar of events for the upcoming schedule.  Also, pick up a copy of our Bird List while in the tasting room.  This list is updated each month, recording what was identified at each regular birding event with new species added.

Bird List PDF


Heritage Oak is conveniently located approximately half way between the fish hatchery below Camanche Reservoir and Lodi Lake Park. Kayakers used Heritage Oak as either as take out point, when paddling down from the fish hatchery, or a launching point, when headed down to Lodi Lake. There is no fee for launching or taking out when wine is purchased. If no wine is desired, there is a $10 per person charge.

River Bend


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