2014 Malbec


From the Semas Vineyard just east of Galt our 2014 Malbec is a full-bodied red wine with a wonderful tease of peaches in the aroma yet smacking of dark and red fruits combined, tasting of ripe black plums and delicious red raspberries.   With a full mouth feel yet soft tannins this wine finishes off clean and crisp with a nice fruit/acid balance.  At the winery we age this 100% Malbec in neutral barrels for 18 months to enhance a subtle note of leather on the finish.   Enjoy this wine with a meal made with mushrooms, tasty tangy blue cheese, dishes with cumin or lean meats, of just enjoy sipping it with friends.

This wine is one of our September 2017 Wine Club Recommendations. Come on by for a taste.

Wine Specs

Varietal:             Malbec

Appellation:        Lodi

Vintage:              2014

Harvest Dates: October 10, 2014

Brix at Harvest:   23

Vineyard Designation: Semas Vineyard

Aging:                 18 months in neutral American Oak barrels

Bottling Date:    July 2016

Alcohol:             14.3%

pH: 3.64

Residual Sugar: 0.91 g/L

Price:  $28.00/bottle plus shipping

$22.40/bottle plus shipping for wine club members

Varietal Fun Facts:  Malbec is the #1 grape grown in Argentina.  Argentina grows more Malbec than any other country with over 75% of all the acres of Malbec in the world. Argentina is credited with reinvigorating Malbec after it fell out of favor due to damage from pest and weather in its country of origin, France.   Now it grows in at least seven countries and continues to gain in popularity. Our thanks to Judy and John Semas for their wonderful Malbec grapes.

Malbec 2014 Heritage Oak Winery