2014 Syrah/Petite Sirah


NEW RELEASE! Our 2014 Syrah/Petite Sirah red blend is the product of co-fermenting 50% Syrah with 50% Petite Sirah, both picked on the same day in late September 2014.    As you might expect from a wine made from these two varieties this wine is a powerhouse of explosive fruit flavors balanced with matching tannins creating a big, big, bold…. and delicious wine. Blueberries, boysenberries will greet your palate with a full throated mouth feel and a peppery finish that lingers on and on.   This wine was aged in neutral barrels here at the winery to give a nice balance of fruit, acid and tannins.  Enjoy this wine with a wide variety of foods from bb’q to winter comfort stews.  Or just enjoy a glass all by itself!


Wine Specs

Varietals: Syrah, Petite Sirah

Appellation: Syrah – Starr Vineyards, Petite Sirah – Norman Vineyards

Vintage: 2014

Harvest Dates: Syrah – September 22, 2014 , Petite Sirah  – September 22, 2014 

Brix at Harvest: Syrah – 25.5 , Petite Sirah  – 24.0 

Vineyard Designation: Starr Vineyards, Petite Sirah – Norman Vineyards

Aging:  18 months in neutral barrels

Bottling Date: July 2016

Alcohol: 15.2%

pH: 3.68

Residual Sugar:    0.76 g/L

Price: $28.00/bottle plus tax and shipping

Price: $22.40/bottle plus tax and shipping for wine club members

Varietal Fun Facts: Think for a moment about Syrah, then think for another moment about Petite Syrah, both big, bold, hearty red wines all by themselves.  So what do we get when they are blended together???.. you got it, big, bold…..and delicious.

2014 Syrah – petite Sirah