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Are you interested in joining the Heritage Oak Wine Club? It is free to join. Simply complete the Enrollment Form attached here and return it to us. Your benefits will start immediately.

June 2017 Wine Club Recommendations
This quarter we have selected two wines that are really standing out on our list of wines currently available to our club members. Before I get into details, I’d like to thank our committee for doing such fine work in choosing the wines for this quarter. There were some tough choices, but you persevered and I think we have picked two very good ones to recommend.

2014 Bartlam Zin
The first wine we are recommending is one that I have June 2017 Winesmade every year. The fruit comes from property owned by Rad and Nadia Bartlam, where they planted 3/4 of an acre of Zinfandel vines back in 1998. Each year, I put this little vineyard under pressure to grow the absolute best grapes it possibly can. I do this by reducing the crop load to around 3 tons per acre. We also remove canopy to let in sunlight and allow air to circulate around the bunches. Holding back on the water supply is an important practice to intensify flavors. Once the fruit gets to the winery and the wine is made, I put it into brand new American oak barrels to give it the right level of vanilla and oak to balance the other flavors. The result is a wine with intensity of color, abundance of flavor and just the right balance of oak and tannin.

If you have enjoyed this wine in the past, you are going to really like this particular vintage. Like a lot of my 2014 wines, it has remarkable intensity, one positive benefit of the the drought we were suffering through back then. Apart from a clean fragrance, it has great black fruit flavors, good acid/tannin balance and subtle oak lingering in the finish.

We sell this for $24 in the tasting room. Your price is $19.20, with additional bottles ordered before the end of June only $16.80 apiece.

2014 Italian Suite
In 2014 I made this small batch of wine from left-overs after my main wines had been barreled and put away for the winter. It seemed to me that Barbera and Sangiovese could be very nice when blended together, so I added a small amount of Zinfandel to stretch the volume to give me four barrels. Then, since I had no more free barrels, it was put into one of several tanks I have that are designed for aging wine. They are called Flex Tanks, and aren’t made of metal or plastic, but of a modern material that allows for an exchange of gases similar to what you get with a barrel. The thing I like about Flex Tanks is that while the wine ages, it acquires no oak flavors unless you put oak into the tank or put the wine into a barrel for some portion of the aging period. And wine without oak is very different than wine that has been oaked. I’ve learned that oak in wine hides flavor but adds complexity, and wine without oak makes up for a lack of complexity with over-the-top fruit expression.

So,this wine stayed in the Flex Tank for about fourteen months, then for the last four months before bottling, I put it in barrels. The result is remarkable. It has wonderful fruit, balance and texture. In just a few months, it has become one of our top sellers. It has bright cherry notes, good acidity and a rich texture. I find it to be wonderful on its own or with a meal.

We are selling it for $28 in the tasting room. Your price is $22.40, while additional bottles between now and the end of June are just $19.60.

Important Upcoming Dates Regarding the June Shipment:
  • Wednesday, May 17 or anytime after: Stop by and make your selections for this quarter.
  • Saturday, June 10: June Club Party, from 1 to 4 PM.
  • Monday, June 19: Quarterly shipments go out to those who prefer their wine delivered to their door.


The quarterly wine club selections may be picked up any time after May 17.  Stop by the tasting room and take a look at the wide variety of wines we have available, or simply go with our recommendations for the quarter.

If you are going to be in the area the Saturday, June 10, Carmela and I invite you to enjoy our June party. The event will start at 1 PM with music by the the world famous dixieland jazz ensemble, Cell Block 7.  We will be serving hot pork sliders, salad and other goodies.  We hope you will stop by and taste the two recommendations and have a bite to eat. If you think you’d like to attend, please drop me a line to tell me how many are in your group.  A reply to this email will be fine, or you may also text me at (209) 986-2763.

Shipped Wines: If your quarterly wine is shipped to you, I am planning on shipping out on June 19.  If this date does not work for you please let me know of a better time.  For a look a the complete list of available wines, here is the Wine Club Order Form.  If you’d like something other than what I choose, please let me know by Friday, June 16.


10112 E. Woodbridge Road

Acampo CA 95220

Tasting Room Hours:

Monday through Friday, 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Saturday: 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Sunday: 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Phone: (209) 986-2763

Email: info@heritageoakwinery.com

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